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How to cope after a bad night......

Whether it's a one off due to illness or something that's occurring more regularly, having a bad nights sleep happens when you have children, and how you cope with it the next day can have a big impact on you.

1. Get a nap in

I appreciate this isn't always possible, but if your day and support network allows for it, try to get a nap in and catch up on some sleep yourself. If you're not a napper, at least try to get some rest.

2. Eat well.

It's easy to reach for high sugar and high fat food when you're exhausted as your body craves food high in immediate energy, but this can play havoc with your blood sugar levels, causing a crash after the initial high which will make you feel even more tired when the initial hit has worn off.

3. Get some fresh air.

Get outside and in the fresh air, go for a walk or just sit on a bench in the park, but soak up that fresh air and it will do you the world of good as well as helping you sleep later.

4. Don't mainline the coffee.

I know realistically that coffee is a parents life line, but similar to the high sugar food, the caffeine will give you a hit and then later a crash. An accumulation of caffeine over the day can also hinder that night's sleep which is the last thing you want. So treat yourself to that nice latte mid morning but try to stay off caffeine after 3pm.

5. Enjoy time with your baby or child.

It can be really easy to build up resentment when they've caused you to feel exhausted (and this is both totally normal and something you shouldn't feel guilty about) So if you can, do something nice together for some bonding time. Read some books, have some cuddles or go for a walk together.

If rough nights are becoming too much of a regular occurrence, consider how you can help your little one achieve better sleep for the whole family. Have a look at the packages I offer and with one to one support we can work on this together.

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