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Safer sleep in colder temperatures......

With temperatures plummeting and fuel bills rising, keeping your Tiny’s warm at night is a priority but how do you ensure you do it safely?

Contrary to popular belief, babies shouldn't sleep in hats when they are unsupervised. They can sleep down and cause suffocation hazards and also cause over heating. Babies cool themselves down by releasing heat from their heads and so trapping this heat in can prevent them from doing this. Cribs shouldn’t be placed directly next to a radiator as it can cause babies to over heat as well as causing a burnt hazard if baby is able to reach the radiator. It is also advised not to use an electric or fan heater directed at baby or too close to their crib, again to prevent over heating or fire hazards. It is always best to use a higher tog sleeping bag or add a vest under their sleep suit , don’t add extra blankets on top of a sleeping bag. Blankets are ok to use separately to a sleeping bag. If using blankets without sleep sack, ensure they’re securely tucked in and place baby at the foot of the cot to prevent them from wiggling under the blanket. Do not use hot Water bottles or electric blankets for babies or infants, hot water bottles can split causing serious burns and both can cause babies to over heat It is really advised to layer up if babies room is cold, add a vest or long sleeve vest but NEVER anything with a hood as this is a suffocation hazard. Remember babies struggle to regulate their temperature, cooler is safer than too hot!

Keep Safe, keep warm!


If you would like more help with you child's sleep I can help create a tailor made plan for your family based on your individual needs. Explore my packages for something that suit you

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