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Should my baby have a set wake time?

⏰ Should I wake my baby the same time every day? ⏰

This is a common question and one which is perfectly valid! Especially if you're someone who enjoys a lie in at the weekend.....!

Having a set wake time can help establish a predictable nap routine and bedtime. Babies and children love predictability and routine, and by waking at the same time every day, they become tired and ready for their nap around the same time every day. This is also hugely helpful to you if you're trying to plan anything as you can predict when your baby or child is likely to want to nap.

If you're waking your baby at 7am one day and 8am another day, but always trying to put them down for a nap at the same time, you might find you're encountering nap battles on some of those days, and the inconsistent wake time could be a huge factor in this.

Around 3-4 months is a great time to introduce a schedule and wake time for your baby, but it’s never too late to implement if your Tiny is older. You will find after a while of implementing a set wake time, that they become accustomed to this wake time and will begin to naturally rise themselves at this time.

What time is another question I am often asked! Between 6-7am is usually a baby’s natural wake time and although 6am seems early, it is considered a usual wake time for babies. If your baby is naturally a later riser (lucky you) and this works for you, you can work on a later wake time and adjust naps accordingly but just try to roughly keep to this wake time each day.

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