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Spring clock change and sleep

Updated: Mar 27

The Spring clock change is approaching with the clocks going forward an hour on 31st March, there can be a knock on impact on your little one's sleep. So how do I recommend you go about navigating this?


In the few days leading up to the clock change, gradually make your little ones bed time 15 minutes earlier each day. This gradual approach means you shouldn't see much of an issue come the day the clocks change. It is most effective for those who have a very regular bed time.


On the two days before ether clocks change, adjust your little one's bed time by 30 minutes earlier each day. This is a less gradual approach and is most effective for those who have a rough bed time.

You may need to cap an earlier nap slightly to allow for this.


Just go for it! On the night of the change put your little one down earlier than usual (as above, you may need to cap a previous nap to allow for this) or alternatively, put them down at their usual time but the following morning, wake them up at what is now their usual wake up time and continue Sunday as you would. If you have chosen the approach of putting them to bed as usual but waking them up at their usual wake time, they have lost an hours sleep. Due to this you may need to adjust their naps on Sunday slightly, to allow them a slightly longer earlier morning nap to get back on track for the rest of the day and make up for the lost hour.


Now it is lighter earlier in the morning and later into the evening the closer we get to summer, you want to avoid early wake ups I am guessing! Ensure their room is very dark, I recommend using a complete black out blind (I love the Tommy Tippee blind which can velcro to the window frame) and keeping their bedrooms as dark as possible.


Working out your baby's sleep needs can be daunting and it can also cause worry that you may disrupt them or make their sleep more unbalanced that it currently is.

This is where working with a professional can help you look at your little one's current schedule, the issues you're facing and where they are in their development and whats going on in their home life and help you to build a schedule that works for your individual.


If you would like more help with your child's sleep I can help create a tailor made plan for your family based on your individual needs. Explore my packages for something that suit you

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