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Transitioning from cot to bed.

It can be a tricky time moving your toddler from their cot, where they have felt safe and secure for the past few years, into their bed, but approached in the right way can be very successful and a very exciting time too!

Firstly, don't rush the transition, talk to them about it, about having a big bed like Mummy and Daddy now they're not a baby anymore. Ask for their input with choosing a new duvet cover so they feel like they're part of the process and they're involved as much as possible.

Of course one of the challenges is, they can now get out of bed. Don't be tempted to say to them 'Now, you must stay in bed and not get out' because, if they hadn't thought of getting out - you've just given them the idea! If getting out of bed becomes an issue, consider a safety tested bed guard. This also prevents any falls out of bed too.

Ensure their bedroom is safe and secure just incase they do venture out, make sure there are no loose cables, no blind pulls loose, no bookshelves that aren't screwed to the wall that could topple over if pulled etc.

Put away their toys! Because all of a sudden, their toys are accessible and that could be very tempting. Consider putting them all in a toy box in another room so they're not able to get them out and play. If space is an issue, try to put them away or out of sight in their room.

If there are any issues arising from the transition, remain consistent, use the settling techniques you have used previously so their boundaries are still in place.

Feel free to contact me if you're having an transition issues and we can talk through your options!

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