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The Autumn Clock Change

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

How can you tackle the clock change with your little one's sleep?

With the clocks going back an hour at the end of October, there can be a knock on impact on your Tiny's sleep. So how do I recommend you go about navigating this?

Realistically you have 3 options depending on your Tiny.....

1. Gradually Adjust Bedtime

In the week leading up to the clock change, gradually make your Tiny's bedtime 15 minutes later each day. This gradual approach means you shouldn't see much of an issue come the day the clocks change It is most effective for those who have a very regular bed time that doesn't often change.

2. Two Adjustments

On the the days the clock change, change your Tiny's bedtime 30 minutes later each day. This is a less gradual approach and is most effective for those who have a rough bedtime which fluctuates around by 30 minutes.

3. Go with the flow!

Just go for it! On the night of the clock change, put your Tiny down an hour later than usual. Provided they've had a decent amount of day sleep if they're still at the age where they nap, one slightly later night shouldn't impact their sleep too much. You could implement a short 15 minute cat nap around 4pm if they're between the ages of 12months and 3 years. But ensure this isn't later that 4pm and only a short cat nap to see them through.

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