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Goodnight Sleep Therapist

Amie Kühne, Child and Baby Sleep Consultant
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About Me

I'm a mother of one passionate about helping others achieve a good night's sleep.

Having experienced sleep deprivation myself, I understand how impactful it can be and how it consumes the whole family. I also understand how life-changing working on a child's sleep can be, both for the care givers mental health and the child's general temperament, mood and wellbeing.

I truly believe that good sleep is achievable for everyone, and poor sleep is not something we should put up with or have to learn to live with. 

I work with families to take a holistic approach at how we can improve their baby's or child's sleep, taking into consideration everything from the family set up to the normal routine and parenting style, ensuring we collaborate on an approach which is going to work for everyone.

I am a fully insured member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapies.

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Services & Packages


30-min consultation call


Bespoke sleep plan 


Follow-up call after 2 weeks 


45-min consultation call 

Bespoke sleep plan

Follow-up call after 1 week & plan tweaks

Follow-on plan


1 hr consultation call

Bespoke sleep plan

2 weeks 1-2-1 WhatsApp support 8am - 8pm 

Bespoke follow on plan

Call only

30-min troubleshooting phone call

Ideal for small tweaks and minor issues

Follow up email


30-min Phone call

Check-in call for previous clients with small tweaks or queries 

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"Amie has completely transformed our little ones sleep & our lives. We went from an over/under tired serial contact napper with minimal routine to a happy smiley baby who can put herslef to sleep and now has a routine that works soo well. Amie gave us the tools and confidence to be able to transform our little ones sleep and we don't know what we would do without her! "
Jemenie - Mum to 5 month old
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